We not only serve visitors to Blackpool but we also attend a large number of Gala Events and Summer Fairs, Charity Events, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events as well as Country Fairs, Agricultural Shows and much more throughout the year as well as local activities organised by the Council and other organisations across the UK.

Our donkey’s are always well presented, received well by the organisers and enjoyed by many for the fun they provide and are usually in high demand at such events and the donkey’s are invited back year on year to many of these events.

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Carnivals & Fetes

Donkeys are a great attraction at any kind of event. Having donkey rides available at your carnival, fete or show can be an excellent source of fundraising revenue.

For a reasonable fee, we will deliver our donkeys and work the rides. You can choose to provide free rides or charge for them and keep the proceeds for your cause.

We love these events and so do our donkeys as they love all the attention they receive from the public who in turn thoroughly enjoy their interaction with these delightful animals.

The donkeys are supervised at all times by our experienced staff and protective head gear is available if required for the children who are riding.

Christmas & Easter Events

Donkeys are perfect for Christmas events and really capture the true essence of the Nativity.

Children know that donkeys were present at the birth of Jesus Christ and having them at your event, amidst all the inevitable commercial side of the season gives them a physical link to the real reason for the celebrations.

Donkeys are also suited to Easter events as Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the Passover on the back of a donkey.

Did you know that donkeys have the mark of a cross on their back and shoulders?

Switching on your Christmas Lights?

Then look no further, if you're having a procession down the town street, let Real Donkeys lead the way for you.

We can tack them up with sleigh bells and Christmas hats if you wish and should you be having a Santa’s Grotto for the children they can accompany him on his arrival.

Donkeys are a great attraction and keep the children who are in the queue occupied while they are waiting.

Having donkeys at your event is an excellent way to bring in the crowds and having donkey rides available for the children can be a great source for proceeds towards your cause.

Nativity and Easter Plays

The donkeys bring a real sense of realism to the occasion by having them at your nativity or Easter play.

Whatever the nature of your Christmas or Easter event children worldwide adore getting close to these gentle and loveable animals, to touch them, stroke them and cuddle them. They love the attention they receive and never let you down !